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Host Your Own Event

Service Unit Managers, Troop Leaders, Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) Staff, Board Members and other Daisy's Circle supporters can now host their own Daisy's Circle events!

Host the event entirely on your own or request a Daisy's Circle Internal Champion to attend the event with you.  Daisy's Circle Internal Champions are GSCO staff, Board of Director members and other Daisy's Circle members who work to grow Daisy's Circle.  Internal Champions are familiar with hosting Daisy's Circle events and given enought time to schedule may be able to attend your event.  (We will make every effort to provide you with an Internal Champion but due to timing and location of your event this may not always be possible.)

What will GSCO provide to you?

  • Basic how-to instructions for your event

  • An Internal Champion if possible

  • Promotional display and handouts

  • General Daisy's Circle videos for your use

  • Sample "Ask" videos to help you recruit new members

  • Sample invitations for your event

What will you need to provide?

  • A room full of potential Daisy's Circle members

  • A room large enough to hold your guests and a table for a small Daisy's Circle display

  • Computer, speakers and large screen to show videos

  • Internet access (if unavailable we will discuss options)

  • Host or co-host who is prepared to talk about why they support Daisy's Circle and encourage others to join

The first step is to complete a "Get Started" questionnaire. Once completed we will contact you for more information and next steps.

Questions? or 303.607.4879.

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