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About Give in Honor

Not sure what to give your daughter, mother, or friend for her birthday or in recognition of a special accomplishment?  Want to recognize a special troop leader or cookie dad?

Give them a Daisy's Circle membership!


How does Give in Honor differ from just making a gift in someone's honor?

In both cases you are the donor.  You make the financial commitment, you receive the tax benefit and you are supporting a cause that is meaningful to you!

With Give in Honor, the Daisy’s Circle membership is actually GIVEN to someone else. The honoree is listed as the member and will receive the benefits of being a member. 

How does this work?

Join Daisy’s Circle monthly giving program for a minimum of 12 months in your honoree’s name.  When you join you will be asked to provide the honoree's name, address and email.  This information will be used to send your honoree their benefits.  The benefits are the same as for any individual membership:

  • $15-$30/month receive a membership pin, special Daisy’s Circle patch, periodic retail offers and a subscription to Daisy’s Circle member monthly e-newsletters;

  • $31-$99/month receives the above, plus reusable tote;

  • $100+/month receive the above, plus an exclusive gift.

Through this your honoree will learn about what's going on at Girl Scouts and how their Daisy's Circle membership is helping ensure that all girls can participate in Girl Scouts.

  • ​During the term of the membership, your honoree will not be solicited for donations but may be notified of events in their area or other special promotions.  You can opt out of this for your honoree if you choose.

Can I have my own Daisy's Circle membership AND participate in Give in Honor?

Yes!  You will need to join Daisy's Circle twice and you will have two transactions each month.


Can I make a one-time gift in honor or memory of someone?

Of course, we welcome all donations!  Make a general donation and where prompted enter the name of your honoree.

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